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Rough women's boots

Rough women's boots are a comfortable and simple shoe for every day. More and more often on the street you can see girls in the image with boots, and not necessarily in jeans or pants, but quite cute knitted dresses. The combination with different elements of the wardrobe makes them popular and in demand.


Coarse boots are most often understood as Timberlands and Martins. A brutal appearance, an army style, a rough sole - all this scares women of fashion, but those who took the risk and tried such boots cannot part with them.
Timberlands - waterproof shoes in yellow shades - ocher, brown, yellow. They use high quality materials - leather, suede. They belong to highly ecological footwear. The start of production is 1973.


Today these boots are very popular among young people and teenagers. With the development of the brand, new variations appear: puncture-resistant, non-slip, antistatic and others.
The Martins are from the post-war 40s. The converted combat boots are comfortable with soft soles. Women intercepted these boots in the 50s. But in the 60s, the Martins became a bright element of the skinhead movement. Bright red shoes attracted attention and showed the rebellious nature of the owners.
Today the line of eight-hole martins has a huge selection of colors and materials: matte leather, patent leather, suede, nubuck. Features: double seam, yellow stitching, high sole.


Dr. Martins 1460 is the classic and most popular model. Light high sole, 8 lacing holes, yellow stitching are the first signs. The color scheme is varied, but the preference is given to black and cherry boots.
Chelsea is a model for the lazy, because it does not have lacing and other fasteners. These boots have a thin sole with an elongated but round toe and side stretch elastic inserts.
winter martins - boots with fur. Women's boots with rough soles have the prefix Serena in the name. Outwardly, they resemble a classic model, but from the inside they have a thick fur coat that perfectly retains heat.
6 "timbers (6") are classic boots with 17 cm ocher soles.
Nellie Chukka - active shoes with an orthopedic insole. These timberlands are presented in various shades - traditional yellow, pink, blue, for every taste and image.


It would seem that the same rough images should be chosen for coarse shoes, even if they are for women. However, the more rudeness, the more sloppiness in style. Therefore, with coarse boots it is better to combine casual style and women's thin forms with grace and style.

On every day. Casual style, no frills and unnecessary volumes. Blouses paired with skinny jeans, leggings with a tunic or a warm sweater with coarse boots in soothing tones are suitable here.
On a date. Despite the roughness, the boots are perfect for a romantic walk. Pair them with lightweight or knitted knee-length dresses. In cooler weather, put on a leather jacket or windbreaker. Choose from platform boots, heels or trendy tractor soles.
Youth. Boots are best combined with jeans, shorts + tight tights, tight or pleated mini-skirts. For shocking ladies, a tutu skirt is suitable. Despite the difference in elements, they look decent in combination.

Military. Boots have their roots precisely in the army style, which means they are perfect for this look. This does not mean that you need to put on camouflage and uniforms. Pick up a bomber jacket, leather jacket, leather jacket, black straight trousers. The main thing is calm tones: black, gray, olive, khaki.
Warm look. Boots and a coat are a great duet. The rugged outlines of the boots look great with straight coats from the 90s, with a pronounced structure of the drape material. Decorate your neck with a bright scarf, add femininity with a bright bag or clutch.
Rock, glam rock. Rough boots are an attribute of these particular trends. Accordingly, they go well with leather jackets, leather mitts, pants in this style, torn jeans models. Wear a tight-fitting T-shirt or turtleneck under your jacket. Glam rock - lace dress, tight tights and boots.
Sports. Jeans paired with a sweatshirt or puffer jacket will work well with flat boots.

As for accessories, the image is perfectly diluted with chains, bright scarves, belts and bags of various shapes. Bows and headbands, hats, bandanas will decorate the image. Decorations can also be varied, from subtle and delicate to coarse and large. To make the whole ensemble look aesthetically pleasing and attractive, do not overdo it and do not risk mixing objects of different styles.
Such coarse and daring boots become an indispensable shoe for modern fashionistas who love them for their versatility and timeless relevance.


Although the models are represented by boots for an army and rough style, the developers orient them also for feminine boots with a thick and stable heel, a platform, and a tractor sole.